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GW2 server coordination!

Amonette a posted May 3, 12
Hello all

Please see this thread on our server coordination efforts. We're hoping to get together to form a happy little community together (in our respective guilds) once the game launches, and over the next week and a half we will be deciding where we are going!

You don't have to pay attention to this now to join in the fun at launch, but if you want to make yourself known early please check out the thread.

The G is for...

Amonette a posted Apr 3, 12
Gaming? Goblins? Guild Wars 2?

You get to decide in our new competition (see this thread for submissions).

Suggest something beginning with G and once we have a few suggestions we will start changing the site banner text to include your suggested word! Post your entries here! (multiple entries allowed) :)
Feeling arty? Get involved here!

SWGirls is now The G Spot!

Amonette a posted Mar 17, 12
Well, the votes have been counted and verified and we have moved!

If you already have an account, you will be able to log into this site using your SWGirls account details (because basically we just renamed the old site!).

If you are visiting us for the first time please register to access the forums!

Just like anything else on the internet you have to get with the programme sometimes.  We're all into much more than just SWTOR, and with so many great new MMOs coming out this year it's time to expand (while still keeping the feel of the site and the nice community we've built up over the last few months).

Over the last week we've been voting on a number of different possible new names for the site, and Star Wars Girls will henceforth be known as The G Spot!

In addition to the existing SWTOR and community forums we have added new forums to cover a variety of MMOs, including Tera, Guild Wars 2, Secret World, World of Warcraft, a PvP forum covering FPS, MMO and competetive PvP games, and a more extensive RolePlay forum. We hope you will enjoy them!
New Wildstar thread posted.
i don't remember much of anything from AoC :)
Hello! :) I was wondering if any of you by chance know/recall an AoC player that went by the name Crysania/Rainna?
THought you weren't going to buy it Ys?
Can some please go to Funcom offices and slap Ragnar T about a bit for making such a poor quality "MMO Norm" game from such an exciting concept. Thnx
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